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Usui reiki is a healing energy that anyone can learn how to use.  Having originated in Japan, this form of energy work brings a harmonizing balance to your body, mind, and spirit.  It will also transform your life and help those around you.  If you wish to learn how to use reiki, I teach courses in Usui Reiki Ryoho Shoden (First Degree) and Okuden (Second Degree), as well as Shinpiden, the Master/Teacher Level.  I have also integrated the Usui lineage into what is now termed "Cosmic Reiki".  This is the study and practice of traditional Usui reiki, though evolved to include astrological energies, Divine Guidance, and Mystery School teachings.  The Cosmic Reiki courses are taught in small groups as I feel this is the best way to learn and practice.  However, if you are interested in studying one on one, private classes are also available.  I am a certified Usui Reiki Ryoho Master/Teacher having received my master attunements from Jordi Ibern in Kyoto, Japan.  Reiki is a great passion in my life and I love teaching it to others.

What we will be learning:

Level One (Shoden)

*What reiki is and its many uses

*The history of reiki

*Gassho meditation

*The Gokai- 5 precepts of reiki

*Byosen- scanning the body

*Kenyoku Ho - dry bathing

*Reiji Ho - using your intuition

*Understanding and balancing the chakras

*Human anatomy for reiki practice

*Self treatment

*Reiki practice on others

*Reiki and animals

Level Two (Okuden)

*The Reiki symbols and their many uses

*How to send distance Reiki

*Using Reiki in a group

*Healing emotions and the past

Level Three-Master/Teacher (Shinpiden)

*Overview of Levels 1&2

*How to teach reiki

*How to give a reiki attunement

As a teacher of the Mystery School, I also integrate the following into all of my reiki courses:

*Fundamentals of Alchemy and Transmutation

*Understanding the Ascension Path to align with your Higher Self

*Shamanistic techniques to assist reiki healing

*Understanding the dreamstate

*Ritualistic practices for protecting your home and creating sacred space

*Light language activation

*Sacred geometry and the channeling of symbols

*Assisting star children with activating their higher templates

*Remembrance of your Divinity and role as Creator of your reality

*Matrix Mastery

Separate Workshops taught in:

*Light Language and its applications through sound, writing, and art*

*Serpent Healing through symbolism, breath, meditation, and live snake interaction*


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