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A powerful  and effective form of energy medicine based off of the healing principle, like cures like, meaning the body can heal itself when introduced to a similar form of disease or ailment.  Homeopathic remedies are inexpensive and safe.  They do not produce dangerous side effects or disrupt the body's natural flow of energy in a negative way.  Ascalon offers individual remedies, combination therapies, and advanced detoxification packages depending on your health needs.

Bach Flower Therapy

Developed in the 1930's by the English physician, Dr. Edward Bach, flower essences are subtle liquid extracts used to address emotional well-being and mind-body health.  Each health consultation includes a free customized flower remedy blend to support emotional health since all conditions of illness are dependent on a negative emotional component.  Flower essences are unique in that they may be taken along with any other holistic protocol, working to gently compliment the healing process. 

Follow this link for the Bach Flower Affirmations


Plant stem cells extracted from the buds, shoots, and rootlets of medicinal plants are what make gemmotherapy so uniquely therapeutic.  These remedies are best for drainage of specific organ systems and tissues to detoxify and strengthen them.  Gemmos are supportive of the cardiovascular and digestive systems, lungs, and the endrocrine glands.  They are also beneficial for the liver/gallbladder, kidneys/bladder, nervous system, and lymphatic system. 

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