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Order Online

Any recommended professional-grade supplements not available in office or via drop shipping can be purchased through the Ascalon Naturopathic Fullscript page.  Click on this link here to take you to the order page.  If I have instructed you to order from a website other than the dispensary, please visit my Links and Products page under Services.


Deseret Biologicals DBscript

Deseret Biologicals, also known as Desbio, now offers patient direct ordering for their professional grade homeopathic formulas and supplements. Go to, to open an account. 


Ulta Lab Orders

Most standard lab panels may be ordered through the Ascalon lab site,>  Specialty labs may need to be ordered separately.  


R.E.D. Laboratories

For my American and international clients, I am now partnered with R.E.D. Laboratories.  R.E.D. Laboratories is a private Belgian company, focused on developing and performing specialty research and diagnostic tests for chronic immune disorders, intestinal dysfunctions, tick-borne diseases (Lyme disease) and multifactorial disorders like autism and CFS.

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