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Cosmic Reiki ~ Temple Of The Serpent Rose

Upcoming 2021 Workshops & Reiki Courses

(details and registration posted below)

Chesapeake, Virginia
Reiki Courses and Workshop Events
Sedona, Arizona
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Check back soon for updated schedule.

Reiki Levels 1&2 

Reiki Master Level

Light Language Workshop 

Mt. Shasta, California
Mt. Shasta, California
Reiki courses and Light Language Workshop

Asklepion Self-Healing Retreat Weekend


September 3rd-7th, 2020

Surry, Virginia

The following is taught in the reiki courses:

Level One (Shoden)

*What reiki is and its many uses

*The history of reiki

*Gassho meditation

*The Gokai- 5 precepts of reiki

*Byosen- scanning the body

*Kenyoku Ho - dry bathing

*Reiji Ho - using your intuition

*Understanding and balancing the chakras

*Human anatomy for reiki practice

*Self treatment

*Reiki practice on others

*Reiki and animals

Level Two (Okuden)

*The Reiki symbols and their many uses

*How to send distance Reiki

*Using Reiki in a group

*Healing emotions and the past

Level Three-Master/Teacher (Shinpiden)

*Overview of Levels 1&2

*How to teach reiki

*How to give a reiki attunement

As a teacher of the Mystery School, I also integrate the following into all of my reiki courses:

*Fundamentals of Alchemy and Transmutation

*Understanding the Ascension Path to align with your Higher Self

*Shamanistic techniques to assist reiki healing

*Understanding the dream realm

*Ritualistic practices for protecting your home and creating sacred space

*Light language activation

*Plant consciousness 

*Sacred geometry and the channeling of symbols

*Assisting star children with activating their higher templates

*Remembrance of your Divinity and role as Creator of your reality

*Matrix Mastery

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