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1 ounce stock tincture bottle with quartz in spring water and brandy.  Produced with Purple Iris flower blossoms grown in my home garden.


Positive qualities - Inspired artistry, soulful creativity in touch with the higher realms, radiant, iridescent vision in all aspects of life.


Patterns of imbalance - Lacking inspiration or creativity; feeling weighed down by the ordinariness of the world; dullness or spectator consciousness.


Many modern individuals lack soul vitality; a gray pallor stifles them, they suffocate in the mundane and mechanical.  Iris is a fundamental remedy for restoring and revitalizing the soul.  It is indicated not only for those who are on a specific artistic path, but also for many individuals who need to bring passionate creativity to their life work.  Iris essence impels the soul to create and cultivate beauty, within itself and within the world.  Iris helps the inner life of the human soul harmonize with the Soul of Nature, and in this way to become alive, vibrant, and truly "iridescent".

Iris Flower Essence - Soul Vitality and EMF Protection

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